We Are The Church

We believe the church is not somewhere you go, it’s something you are. We seek to Be the Church in the World and grow disciples of Jesus who participate in God’s Mission to usher the Kingdom of God into our broken world as it is in Heaven.  We believe that discipleship is a journey where we learn to trust in Jesus and grow in faith.  As we trust and grow, we will be lead to give of all that we have as we are sent out into the world to Be the Church.  Following Jesus can never be broken down to a formula, but this is a four step path to discipleship that helps us frame our ministry and mission.

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Learning to trust in Jesus is the first step in the journey of discipleship.  In a world full of broken relationships and broken promises it is hard to trust.  But we believe that God is good and is indeed worthy of our trust.  If we are willing to take this step of faith, Jesus will not let us down.  
Romans 15.13
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The Greek word for “Disciple” means “learner.”  As disciples of Jesus, we seek to learn more each day about what it looks like to follow Jesus. We realize that in life we don’t have all the answers, so we seek to learn and grow in our knowledge of and trust in Jesus.
Ephesians 3.17-19
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Through His life, death and resurrection, Jesus demonstrates that life is not ultimately about what we can acquire or consume, but it is about what we can give.  The more we trust in Christ and grow as disciples, the more we will reflect the example of Christ by being people who give. We desire to be a people who are generous with all that we have and seek to find ways that we can give, love and serve the world.
Acts 20.35
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Just as a parent prepares their children to leave the home someday, our goal in growing disciples of Jesus is to send them out into the world.  Every follower of Jesus is called not to sit in the pew of a church building, but to Go out into the world, to love, to serve, to give, to heal and to be a voice of hope.  Join us as we seek to Go into all the world, sharing the love of Jesus and making disciples for Jesus.
Matthew 28.18-20